The GAS Game Advertisement Solutions brings together game developers, advertising companies and gamers in a novel way by adding suitable advertisements of consumer good manufacturers into videogames, mobilegames, browsergames and computergames.

This innovative marketing tool is known as In-Game Advertising and it is a perfect addition for your marketing mix. There are two choices of Ingame Advertisement: SIGA(static) and DIGA(dynamic). Static In-Game Advertisement is often connected with Product Placement. This way the advertisement remains untouched throughout the entire game cycle. With dynamic In-Game Advertising the advertising space can be updated via Internet.

This new advertising trend accomplishs to reach a new, ever-growing target group, which takes the advertising messages in computer games even as positive and value adding, since the games become more lifelike.

By means of intesive testing, we guarantee that the game will be enriched with targeted advertisement. Thereby we create an evident win-win situation in favour of game publishers and developers as well as advertisers. The game developer is able to offer his game more cost-efficient, higher-quality, realistic and even faster. The advertisers get the chance to reach their target groups in this novel way in an easy way.

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